My Calling

My calling is to share my God-given gifts and talents to inspire people to transform themselves mentally, physically, emotionally, spiritually,and relationally, so they can honor God, themselves and others. I was so inspired by this calling that I created the Essential 5™ Foundations of Life.

Essential 5™ Foundations of Life : A Balanced Life Brings a SMILE to Your Face
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I realized the best way to fulfill my purpose of sharing this transformational approach was through coaching. Prior to launching the Essential 5™, I spent an enormously satisfying career in the field of education. I have three decades of experience in the areas of teaching, school counseling, leadership, and adult Christian counseling. (See Credentials below.)

Like many of you, my life was not always a bed of roses. I was raised in a U.S. military family by loving but strict, demanding, controlling parents leading me to perfectionist tendencies. While I made excellent grades during my educational career, my self-concept was continually challenged by feelings of inadequacy. The lack of supportive, lasting friendships brought about by frequent transfers and moving led to overeating and weight gain. In my teens I was overweight. By my mid-20’s I crossed into the obese category. And by the time I reached the age of 40, I was 100 pounds overweight. At that time I experienced serious chronic health consequences – high blood pressure, blood sugar issues, joint pain, digestive problems (acid reflux, L pylori, anemia, diarrhea, constipation, IBS), headaches, lack of focus, lethargy/fatigue, anxiety, depression, and more. I didn’t recognize that my poor health was affecting relationships with my family, friends, and co-workers. I believed that my own negative, shaming thoughts were also the thoughts of others – that every bad thing that happened to me was in some way a result of my weight and overall poor health. I became angry, defensive and depressed. I “hid” myself (as much as possible at my size.) I was living a life of suffering with little to no hope of change leading to a better life.

After yo-yo dieting for many years, by the age of 55 I finally released 100 pounds. BUT even with my Master’s degree work in counseling, in-depth Bible studies and vast knowledge of the factors of good health, I struggled to maintain my weight. Releasing 44% of my weight and the absence of most of my health issues did not make for a satisfying life. I wasn’t able to make sustainable changes in my life until I said “yes” to private coaching and “yes” to directing a total health program at church. I finally said “yes” to God. Basically, I said “yes” to me for the first time.

The fog lifted. I stopped having obsessive thoughts about the weight, size and shape of my body. I was drawn out of retirement. I reclaimed my health, turned my life around and was driven to the service of providing hope and encouragement to you and others seeking to make life changes in areas of the Essential 5™ Foundations of Life: Mindfulness, Nourishment, Activity, Beliefs, and Relationships.


I’m passionate about sharing these foundations to empower you to transform yourself to be the “best, healthy, balanced version of yourself”!

I am committed to helping others achieve vibrant health! Let’s focus on creating awareness of your thoughts; choosing food that nourishes your body; engaging in physical activity that is fun; uncovering the underlying beliefs that have been guiding your life to this point; and finding emotional balance in your relationships. I want to help you create the life God wants for you. A full vibrant, abundant life.

My Story

I was married at a very young age to my adored husband. We have 2 daughters, a son and 6 grandchildren who love family gatherings and vacationing together. We enjoy traveling to the beaches, the mountains, and the plains of North America; as well as, new experiences such as excursions abroad. My husband and I are active members of our local church. When not working with clients, you will find me reading, studying, participating in enjoyable fitness activities, devoting time to family and friends, delighting in creative endeavors, appreciating antiques…

Dieting and attempting to become physically fit was an endless cycle for 30+ years. Rounds of procrastination, perfectionism, performance, and endless searches for ways to improve led me to desperately seek ways to feel good about myself. For too many years I merely existed – amid periods of happiness. Living a vibrant, abundant, fulfilled life required open-mindedness, vulnerability and a determination to CHANGE. When I came to the end of myself to realize that God’s complete, unconditional love IS the life He wants me to live to be the REAL ME, I released 100 pounds and have sustained it for more than 10 years.

My Philosophy

Changing long-held negative behaviors, beliefs and attitudes is challenging. Making big changes can also be a lonely road – but not if you have a healthy-living advisor to hold your hand, guide you and keep you accountable. I can help you trade old habits for new ones, so that you won’t have to go it alone. By using my teaching, counseling, and leadership abilities I have led individuals and groups through sessions involving weight release, increasing physical activity, maturing spiritually, developing healthy relationships, enhancing focus, and fostering life balance.

I am non-judgmental in approaching our collaborations. I will help you identify and fit in sensible, sustainable practices to enhance your overall health by empowering you to transform your relationship with food, your body, and your mental/spiritual/interpersonal self.

Working with me as your coach to create your best self ever is a precious gift you’ll give to yourself, God, and others to enjoy for years to come.

Contact me today to schedule your COMPLIMENTARY CONSULTATION and let’s get started! During this 30 minute session, I will answer your questions and we will discuss how I can best support your goals.



  • Bachelor of Science Degree in Elementary Education
  • Master of Education in School Counseling
  • Educational Specialist Degree in Administration and Supervision
  • Institute for Nutritional Leadership Certification

Licensure and Certifications

  • Professional licensure as a Kindergarten through eighth grade teacher
  • Professional licensed K-12 School Counselor
  • Licensed School Administrator
  • Christian Counselor
  • Certificated Nutritional Leader
  • Church Council Member: Vacation Bible School Director and Adult Sunday School Teacher